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CarX Drift Racing (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gold) – very popular drift-race with very good graphics and physics. The main goal of the game is to drift as long as possible to win rivals and earn coins. In this game there are a lot of cars, and an excellent musical accompaniment that will tighten you for many hours.
This game [CarX Drift Racing] is the full version of old CarX game we renamed to [CarX Drift Racing Lite]
You can find old version[CarX Drift Racing Lite] in the List of our products.
We have separated both versions to be different games because some fans can prefer to compare this version with old, without deleting the old.
Unfortunately, we can’t technically transfer COINS from the Lite version to the full version and back, but in the new version COINS are much simpler to earn.
CarX Drift Racing” is a drift-themed racing game, the game screen using 3D panoramic production, the quality is very good, whether it is the sense of hierarchy in the distance of the scene or close to the exquisite track can be described as the track Hand on the very strong performance, especially in the dynamic driving details of the performance of the more amazing. –

“CarX Drift Racing” uses a full 3D image simulation of the real production, we can see the shape and lines are very realistic sports car, and the entire track environment is also depicted very delicate, distant city buildings, near Light and shadow performance, there are sports cars passing the tire marks left on the ground, or even the exhaust pipe air flow, these lifelike picture performance brings players endless shock. For the single screen, the really big style, the fidelity of the screen effect can give players a more realistic driving visual experience.
“CarX Drift Racing” did not join the game story.
CarX Drift Racing uses a popular gravity-sensing control car steering wheel brake button in the lower left corner of the screen, the accelerator pedal in the lower right corner, there is a handbrake on the left side of the screen, used to control the drift steering . The control is still relatively simple, the classic sense of gravity to make the driving process more texture, steering flexibility and accuracy has been greatly improved, throttle and brake control is very simple, the button size and location are very appropriate, The hands of both players can be very natural control, so the entire driving process gives a relaxed state.

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